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Rare Bronze Age Spearhead Unearthed in Poland
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Rare Bronze Age Spearhead Unearthed in Poland

A rare Bronze Age spearhead has been discovered at a construction site in Lubycza Królewska, Poland. The well-preserved artifact, measuring 7 inches in length, was found during the leveling of the site and dates back to between 1990 and 1750 B.C. It is believed to have been crafted by a skilled individual belonging to the Mierzanowice culture, which emerged during the Early Bronze Age in Poland.

The Mierzanowice culture is primarily known through its gravesites, which have been found across southeastern Poland. These graves have yielded various objects such as shell beads, bone pendants, and ceramic vessels, providing insights into the rich and complex culture of the Mierzanowice people. Typically, spearheads and other associated artifacts are discovered near these gravesites, potentially serving as offerings for the deceased. Therefore, finding a spearhead separate from a burial site is considered unusual.

Further analysis will be conducted on the flint weapon, and it will eventually be sent to a regional museum for display and preservation. The discovery of this rare Bronze Age spearhead expands our understanding of the Mierzanowice culture and adds to the knowledge of their craftsmanship and customs during that period.